Husqvarna VIKING Diamond Royale – The Royal Treatment in Every Stitch

Diamond Royale Full ShotThe new Husqvarna VIKING Diamond Royal is appointed with so much luxury that it will transform your sewing room into your own palace.  Enjoy the absolute control over every stitch, the effortless functionality on every screen, and the regal quality of every creation.  You’ll love owning the Diamond Royale, indulging in the royal treatment every step of the way.

Starting with a simple seam - use the Sewing Advisor to nominate your fabric and type of seam you intend to sew, and the Diamond Royale will set the tension, the stitch length and the actual stitch for you automatically, while advising you the best foot and needle to use.  Or if you have a stitch preference that you like to use everyday, save it in the Favourites Menu and with the stroke of your stylus it is ready any time you are.  Now that you are sewing, the Exclusive Sensor System will detect the thickness of your project and increase or decrease the pressure of the Diamond Royale’s presser foot as you sew, or if you want to take on extra thick work, attach the Interchangeable Even Feed Foot and keep working effortlessly.  Stopping to turn a corner no longer needs any hands, just stop sewing and the Sensor Foot Pivot function will stop sewing with the needle down while automatically raising the presser foot up, leaving both of your hands free to control your work.  Just start sewing again and the foot will automatically lower and continue.

Screen Shot SewingOr Sew Something With Your Own Flair - with the absolute clarity of a nearly limitless full colour screen viewable from a full 180 degrees across the front of the Diamond Royale, you can clearly visualise your stitches long before you sew them.  Easily imagine your creation as you scroll through over 1100  stitches, and then experiment with them as every modification including width, length and needle position is illustrated on the screen.  Combine different stitches to make your own, and then save them to use over and over again, or take your vision into a new direction with side motion stitches up to an enormous 54.6mm wide and use the industry-first, patent-pending Dimensional Stitches to add appliqué fabric or pop-up effects for exceptional decorative results.

Then Start Embroidering – just like the Sewing Advisor, tell the Embroidery Advisor what you are embroidering on, and it will take care of all of the variables.  Then hoop up the enormous 360mm x 200mm embroidery hoop to create with one of the 380 included designs.  Combine lots of little designs into one large design, and then colour sort to reduce thread changes, and let the automatic jump stitch trim do all of the tricky snipping of thread.  You don’t even need to trim the starting thread anymore – the Diamond Royal trims it as it starts, and then if you need to stop before your design is finished, use the Smart Save feature to pick up where you left off.  With an enormous and empowering range  of on-screen editing functionality such as copying a design to duplicate it, rotating it in 1 degree increments, mirroring it vertically and horizontally, and resizing and reshaping it, all you need to do is start with one design on a USB stick to create something new.

Royale_dress_backAnd  Do More and More Embroidery - embellish your garments with precision with the Precise Position function by just telling your Diamond Royale what place on your fabric you want a specific part of your embroidery design to align.  It will do the rest, with a maximum embroidery speed of 1000 smooth stitches per minute.  Use automatic basting to secure more tricky fabrics into the hoop, and then take your embroidery designs to a new level with the new Design Applique feature which lets you create your own custom applique.  Then, take control of your creativity, confidently using challenging threads such as metallic with the deLuxe Thread System.

With so much to give, the Diamond Royale is deservedly Husqvarna VIKING’s new flag-ship machine, proudly setting a new standard of luxury, functionality and absolute excellence to the sewing industry.  If you have been looking to upgrade your machine, take the next step in your creativity, or to simply have a the best machine Husqvarna VIKING has to offer, then look no further than the Diamond Royale.  Click HERE for more information from Husqvarna VIKING, enjoy the Diamond Royale video below, and come in to see the machine  now proudly on display in store at Sew This & That.

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