Husqvarna VIKING 6D Embroidery Software – Grow Your Own Embroidery Designs

6DOnce upon a time, if you bought a brand of embroidery machine you could only buy that brand’s embroidery designs – usually having to purchase a card of 20 designs you didn’t need to get the duck that you want. Then with the addition of a USB stick to our embroidery machines, we were able to buy designs from stand-alone design companies, for any brand. Now, with the increasing popularity in domestic embroidery software, we are taking embroidery designs into our own hands and getting our own unique world of machine embroidery.

Husqvarna VIKING embroidery software has a longstanding reputation of digitizing excellence, continually setting trends in functionality and machine interface. As they move into 6D, the latest version of their embroidery software, Husqvarna VIKING has managed to not only meet the high standards of development that we have come to expect of them, but to present it in a contemporary interface that even the most novice digitizer can walk through.

What is embroidery software A common question from a new embroiderer. Software, at the very least, lets you manage your collection of embroidery designs on your computer. In the same way that you can not view photos without photo viewing software, you can not see what your individual embroidery designs look like without embroidery software. Entry level software such as 6D Embroidery Extra allows you to view your embroidery files as thumbnail images of the actual designs while you handle them in Windows Explorer, letting you browse your ever-growing collection. You can also print templates of each design, convert the machine format of your designs, see them in realistic 3 dimensions in the actual sized hoop that you will be sewing them in, change their colours and view them on the colour and type of fabric that you will sewing them on, combine multiple designs to create one design with colour changes minimalized to reduce machine threading. You can also automatically create simple designs, or preform basic editing of existing ones. Lettering lets you create text with existing menus of fonts, or your can create your own favourite font into stitches, while shapes can be made from a thoroughly stocked collection of built in basics, along with borders, banners and motifs.

Sounds like a lot to take in Part of Husqvarna VIKING’s 6D’s charm is that you can grow into it. There is just the right combination of basic functions in 6D Embroidery Extra to get you started and if you stop there, then you have a great all-rounder program to work with day-in and day-out. As your confidence grows and you find that you want to develop your skills further, 6D Embroidery Extra can be updated to 6D Premier where you can absolutely control every aspect of an embroidery design, or completely create your own to meet your exact requirements.

At Sew This & That, we use Husqvarna Software as part of our daily activities, and with Cath teaching classes monthly, we can offer you on-going support and educated advise when purchasing your software, and as we move into 6D, Husqvarna VIKING will continue to offer a yearly subscription to an on-line support service to help you where you need it.

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