Factors to Consider When Choosing Crystal Necklaces for Men

Throughout history, crystal necklaces have symbolised power, stability and prestige. A man wearing a crystal necklace exudes an aura of manliness, calm and accomplishment. A simple necklace with a stone can dramatically add gravity to someone’s personality. It’s also a matter of embracing personal authenticity, which is necessary for success in any field.

Whether you are a man looking for a necklace, or a woman looking for one for your man, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration when making a buying decision. In this post, we will briefly discuss these factors.


When it comes to choosing any type of jewellery, a great starting point is personal preference. Part of the reason for wearing a crystal necklace is to express your authenticity, so listen to your gut feeling and rely on your taste. As a man, you have your unique traits.  Choose a necklace that you think somehow represents those traits. It's all about finding your unique style and highlighting it.

There are many types of crystal necklaces on the market, so you have lots of options to choose from. The most notable options include pendant necklaces, beaded necklaces, chain and bead combinations, mala necklaces, and necklaces with minimal designs.

Beaded necklaces represent masculinity and spirituality, necklaces of minimal design represent simplicity, and mala necklaces are great for meditation and prayers.


There is something called colour therapy, which has been developed based on the premise that each colour affects the mind, body and aura in a different way. Even if you are not interested in the therapeutic effect of colours, you probably have a preference for specific colours because of aesthetic reasons. We all have that experience: certain colours make us feel certain types of emotions.

For crystal necklaces, the most common colour options include red, blue, orange, purple, green, yellow, white, brown, grey, and pink.

Red symbolises strength, personal power and assertiveness. Blue stands for calm, serenity, clarity and inner peace. Green speaks of growth and rejuvenation. Certain colours may even have special meanings for you.


Why are you going to buy a crystal necklace? If it is just a piece of ornament for you, focus on the aesthetic appeal of the piece. Depending on your personality and perspective, you may or may not look for spiritual meaning in a necklace.

Crystal necklaces are cool, and lots of fashion conscious men wear these necklaces solely for this reason. If you are one of them, you actually have more options to choose from Botanical H2o because in such a case you will not have to look for spiritual healing properties in the necklace you buy here.

Final thoughts

 If you are buying a crystal necklace for personal use, focus on your personal preference without being influenced too much by other people’s opinions. And if you are buying it for another person, just think about the person’s traits and choose a necklace that you think somehow matches those traits. It all comes down to your taste.