What is Property Styling and Why You Need It

With the ever-increasing real estate demand in Melbourne CBD and connecting suburbs, the competition for housing is at its peak. With new developments sprouting at every corner, it may be a struggle for other homes to be as competitive. So how do you ensure that your place has the same competitive advantage as brand new units? Well, one of the advantages of homeowners is that their place has already established that it is a liveable space by families, couples, or whatnot. But they also have another weapon in their repertoire – property styling. An often-overlooked extra step to real estate marketing but if done right, would actually increase offers – and maybe even the offer price.

So, what is property styling? Property styling is apart of the real estate industry with the focus of helping you style and prepare your property for auction and potential buyers to walk through, you can find some great examples of property styling on this website where they style many homes around Melbourne. It is also known as home staging and this is the act of fixing and prepping houses for different intentions such as real estate auctions or even for bed-and-breakfast uses. This is done by a professional home stager who is not just there to rearrange your furniture and decors to look its best. They actually have connections with shops wherein you could hire furniture and decoration. You read that right – stylists will also save you a few hundred bucks because instead of purchasing style pieces, their profession allows them to simply rent it. It could even be sometimes for free for as long as they retain the shop’s information visible on the rented item.

In addition, property stylists have a good grip on the target demographic of your neighbourhood. They know what type of people commonly scour the area for real estate opportunities. The common instinct for homeowners is to decorate their houses according to their current structure however, this may not always work as the market may have progressed to another demographic group or that their current structure does not consist of the majority of the buyers in the area. As such, your property stylists are not just your designers; they are your marketing specialist as well.

First impression is crucial in anything – even on selling your home. When potential buyers enter your home, you have to stage yourself in a way to make them feel that your house is capable of being this gorgeously styled space. Home staging increases the appeal of a home through the use of a wide range of interior design techniques based on the market you are targeting whether it be stylish Melbourne or cozy country vibes. Your Pinterest board may be filled with chic house decors and pieces but blindly employing random ideas from the internet may lead to your house looking cluttered and small. Your property stylist will take a look at your house and know immediately what to do it improve the ambience and make it look more than your asking price.

Some homeowners are so quick to dismiss the idea of home styling for real estate marketing. They believe that buyers come in with their own idea of what the house would be post-sale. And while that may be true, you should also assume that buyers are not interior designers or architects by nature. Creative professionals know what is best for the space – and target market - and they give amazing ideas a run of the mill buyer would not even think of concocting. It will add to your running cost but the return of doing so will (almost) always outweigh it. It is definitely an investment very much worthy for your investment.

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