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6D Premier – Cutwork Tree

6D Embroidery Extra   6D Premier Cutwork Tree       Using the 6D Premier Package transform a simple design into a cutwork project using Inspira Cutwork Needles and leather.  This set of notes includes a bonus pattern on how to stitch out the design and make the Cutwork Needle Folder.  With an easy to… [Continue Reading]


KTQ All Overs

Endless All Over Designs Endless embroidery designs that allow you to repeat it over and over, with the beginning and ending of the pattern almost impossible to spot. In this embroidery project, you will learn how to use templates to combine and repeat a design, while you create an elegant cushion to coordinate with your… [Continue Reading]


Sewline Duo – Dynamic Fabric Markers

The clever people at Sewline products have been at it again – their latest innovation filling a gap that has been bothering all patchworkers for a while. How do you get a strong, easy to see line or mark on your fabric, that you can just as easily remove when you have finished sewing –… [Continue Reading]

Sewline Duo Fabric Marking Pen and Eraser

Keeping It Super Simple – Easy Classes to Help You Master The Basics

Sew This & That always strives to encourage beginners and in 2014 we have added a new class to get you started. KISS Classes – Keeping It Super Simple are small projects designed to give you BIG confidence. Running the first Thursday Night of each month, you will make a project in a relaxed environment,… [Continue Reading]

KISS Cushion

ST&T’s Joanne Wearing – Australia’s Only Certified Judy Niemeyer

Judy Niemeyer has fast become a household name in foundation piecing, with her own fresh and vibrant approach breathing new life into a long-standing and traditional technique. With masterpieces varied in size from the enormous “Amazon Star” at 104 inches square, to the tidy place-mat sized “Cappuccino Party For 4″, her patterns are bright, bold… [Continue Reading]

Glacier Star

6D Extra – Cutwork Quilt Block

6D Embroidery Extra 6D Extra Cutwork Quilt Block This project covers a variety of techniques within the Extra portion of 6D.  Learn how to Edit Stitches, Encore and Insert a Quilt Pattern. With an easy to read step-by-step pictured tutorial, you’ll have no problems learning to master this part of the program. This is a… [Continue Reading]


6D Premier – Logos Pt2

6D Embroidery Extra 6D Premier Logos Pt2 Logos are a commonly requested digitizing project.  This lesson covers how to take a log and make it into a badge.  Team this lesson with Logos Part 1. With an easy to read step-by-step pictured tutorial, you’ll have no problems learning to master this part of the program.… [Continue Reading]